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Intuitive people are those who place more interesting as well as value into theories and exploring possibilities than they do in our set in stone realities. According to MTBI intuitive people are those who would rather learn by thinking a problem through than hands-on experiences.

These personality types stick out like a sore thumb in this world because of how unquestioning we really are. Intuitive people tend to confuse their loved ones because of their methods of thinking. People get upset at the fact that they do not take the simple answers for a fact, they only accept something once it has been thoroughly explored.

Here are 12 behaviors that people do not understand unless they are intuitive: (If you do these then you are intuitive without a doubt)

1. You look for the unconventional approach when taking on life.

You are someone who doesn’t fit the mainstream. People often think you are a bit weird because of your unconventional approach to things. You want to do everything differently.

2. If someone thinks things are black and white they are already under your skin.

This is without a doubt the easiest way to piss you off. You are the type to assume the role of the devil’s advocate in situations that make you feel as if the opposing party is forming an opinion without considering the alternative point of view.

3. You are selective when it comes to those you speak to.

You will not waste your time on those who do not matter to you. Of course, there are times when you are more outgoing and other times when you are against even leaving the house. This happens. People just can’t get you figured out and that is not a bad thing; however, they will judge you for not befriending them, regardless of your reasoning.

4. You have or are in the process of developing obscure interests.

You love reading and listening to different conspiracy theories and solving mysteries. You explore all options when it comes to things and that makes you more prone to these types of entertainment.

5. You seek variety in life.

You are always looking for more things to challenge yourself with. People find it strange that you hand out with so many different types of people, and they do not understand your diversity.

6. You place little trust in authority.

You are not content with the manmade systems we are forced to listen to. You are aware of the issues our establishment holds, and you do your best to be away from it. You trust competence over qualification, to say the least.

7. You never stop analyzing things.

You look at all details of everything. When it comes to figuring out the big picture you are generally the first to put things together. You want an explanation for everything, this does make some people a bit angry at times.

8. You take rules too lightly.

To you, rules are merely suggestions. You are considered rebellious, but you don’t think of it this way. If you think a rule is outdated you will not listen to it.

9. You plan for the future, perhaps a bit too much.

You have been and will continue to plan out every single detail of your life to come. You make adjustments as needed but people consider you a little obsessive.

10. You are always down for a debate.

People don’t understand that you are debating because you need to test the validity of something. They tend to assume you are doing this because you want to be difficult or are outright impolite. There is nothing wrong with checking for holes in your reasoning but remember others don’t think the way that you do.

11. You overthink problems and when you’re sad this really gets to you.

When something is bothering you, you go over it all in your head repeatedly. This makes others think you are in some cases depressed. You take things to heart and when something hurts it really hurts, you assess whether it would have hurt less if done differently and so forth.

12. You do not take no for an answer.

If someone refuses to debate you, you trick them into doing it anyway. You know how to get under peoples skin just as they do you. When it comes to getting your point across you will stop at nothing. This is a bad thing because you come off as an egotistical jerk however, you are almost always correct. People see you as a threat because of this.

Do you fit the bill of these behaviors? Sometimes we do not realize we do these things until they are brought to our attention, which is strange considering the amount of time we spend inside our heads. However, there is nothing wrong with having an intuitive personality. You are you and that is enough. Whether people like it or not.

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