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I think that today’s generations experience more heartbreak or emotional suffering than anyone before. It’s not that we have more hardships; in fact we hardly have any at all.

But, due to all of the technological advances and the social media takeover, people are constantly subjected to critique.

The technological advances in the last decade are amazing, however, they have been abused. Social media is cool and all, and it has the ability to connect us, however, it usually does the opposite. People are so obsessed with being liked on social media it has made everyone extremely insecure about their actual selves. The media is constantly telling you how to be, act, dress, and think. It can be really stressful and a lot to handle.

In fact, because of all of the things we are told are wrong with us, we spend an excessive amount of time obsessing over them. You might even be in an emotional situation that is stressful and your subconscious is constantly telling you to ‘fix it’. People are sensitive and words do hurt, but you have to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Everyone is amazing in their own way, however obsessing over the fixation of your emotional suffering will only make it worse.

If you are constantly trying to diagnose yourself with a mental issue it will only make things worse. When you are dwelling on the things that are wrong with you it causes you to forget how awesome you are! Emotional pain is something that is standard in life. There’s no sense in stressing over it and trying to fix it – it’s impossible.


They key to a bleeding heart is kindness. When you are a kind person it makes you feel good about yourself, and people will return the favor. However, people will also try to take advantage of this. Don’t trust everyone and be conscious of who you are around. Regardless, stop trying to fix yourself. You’re only making things worse. Just let go and trust the universe.

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