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I know, all too often we fall in love with people who are not right for us but that is something we need to be more aware of. While cutting ties with toxic people is easier said than done, it’s something we must make sure we do.

For those who might not be aware toxic people are those who do nothing but bring us down. To begin, they may have helped us grow in some ways, and we may have thought they were quite charming but as time passed their masks came off and now we see them as what they truly are. These people bring us down more-so than anyone else, and they don’t like to see us doing well. They say and do things that they shouldn’t and as a result, we end up suffering.

Toxicity and real love for some reason are often confused and you as a person need to make sure you’re not doing it. If someone is crossing your boundaries, talking down to you, holding you back, and using you in life as a whole they do not deserve your time or efforts. Sure, you might care about this person and think they care about you, but the truth is if they’re doing these things to you, they don’t care about you the way you care about them.

Toxic people will go out of their way to blame you for their own mistakes and even the ways in which they make you feel, and you should not be allowing it. You’re not fighting against one another, you’re on the same team, and if they cannot see that they do not deserve a place by your side. Someone who truly loves you is going to be there for you properly and help you grow. They’re going to be willing to stick with you through the tough moments and help build you up to the best of their abilities.

Don’t make excuses for those who do nothing but hurt you. They don’t deserve that, and you know it. If these people truly loved you they wouldn’t be so hell-bent on bringing you down. They would be there for you in the ways you’re there for them, period.

To learn more about toxic behaviors take a look at the video below. These are things that we should not be putting up with. These things are not signs of love and the sooner we see that the better. Find someone to be with who will help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be, someone who wants to grow with you, not through you.


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