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As we move forth we’re coming upon the night of the new moon. This new moon will be in Cancer and take place on July 20th. 

While we are all anticipating this new moon and the struggles it may bring or at least highlight, we should also be aware that getting through these things will bring out the best in all of us. We can use the energies before us to bring healing into our lives and to also allow ourselves a bit of nourishment on a soul level. I know, that might not sound like much but it can make a huge difference for each of us. 

Below I am going to go over a powerful ritual that can be done by those who choose to do it. This ritual doesn’t require many materials and will help you to invite healing into your life and really allow you to roll through these energies more accurately. This is a ritual I myself will be doing. 

Healing Cancer New Moon Ritual:

Things Needed:

Smudging tools of your choosing



Several Candles 

A bowl of water

A shovel and area you can dig in outside


To begin this ritual it is important to cleanse the area in which you will be performing the ritual itself and your body as well. Really do your best to move any stagnant energies away from your ritual space and clear things properly. Focus as you smudge and make sure you’re being thorough. 

From here you will need to dig a small hole and sit in front of it. Light your candles and meditate over the things you need to heal from and what is bringing you down right now. Allow those things to come to mind and once you’ve thought through the major ones write them down on the paper. 

Allow the pen to flow properly and really get all you can out on that paper. Once you’ve done this light the paper on fire with a candle and place it in the hole to burn. Watch it turn to ash and as it does let go of those things in your own mind as well. Allow them to flow through your aura and out of your being. 

When the paper has burned properly bury it in the hole itself and pour that water on top of it. This signifies letting go of the things that bring you down and transforming them into something you can grow from. After you’ve done all of that, you’ve completed the ritual.

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