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A twin flame connections can be painful but more often than not, people do not work out in the ways we would want them to the entire union itself is a marvelous thing. Just because you go through ups and downs or don’t always end up together does not mean that the connection itself isn’t worth it.

Twin flame relationships as a whole are quite the roller-coaster, but they are some of the most amazing things that this world has to offer us. They provide us with a look inside ourselves that we would not be able to find otherwise. Your twin flame is a physical manifestation of your soul in this world as you walk through your life as well. The whole concept in itself is mind-blowing and reveals just how powerful this universe truly is.

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why this kind of thing is so wondrous but please keep in mind while it is wondrous it is in many ways hard to swallow and sometimes troubling in the most inconvenient ways. Your twin might come in and shake things up within your life when you are not ready and that can lead to a spiral of things that you could never imagine. Just because you’re connected on a soul level does not mean that this world is the place where you are going to be together.

9 Reasons Why Being Part Of A Twin Flame Union Is So Wondrous:

1. By being with your twin even if for a short period, you get to know yourself deeper.

Your twin is your you and you are your twin. You are one but manifested as two. This through connection with one another allows you to learn more about who you are as a whole.

2. You learn lots of life lessons through your twin flame connection.

When you connect with your twin flame you learn a lot of things from one another. You come to terms with life lessons that you both otherwise may have ignored. With one another you are able to overcome so much even if the connection itself is too intense to last.

3. You are able to reach your truest form with your twin.

When you are with your twin you are one with yourself. This meaning you are able to reach the form you once were before coming to this planet. While this world has split you in two, you have become one once again.

4. Your twin is the only person in this world who will truly understand you in every sense of the word.

Your twin flame is the one person in this world who understands you on all possible levels because he or she is you. You are both the same soul and so you are able to face one another without any preconceived notions. Everything is fresh and as it should be.

5. You are able to stop that yearning within when you are with your twin or when you become aware of him/her.

When you and your twin finally gain contact with one another whether you end up in a relationship or not you stop that yearning in a way that makes it a lot more bearable. While you will still want to be with your twin, you are able to finally grasp that you do have a twin out there. This in itself is magical on so many levels.

6. Your twin connection is the ultimate form of love and you will likely get to experience that even if it’s short-lived.

When you experience a romantic encounter with your twin you are facing the ultimate form of love. While it doesn’t always work out at first eventually things will be as they should be. This is something you should never pass up on of you get the chance to experience it.

7. You and your twin are able to heal through one another.

Through being with your twin you are able to heal one another. You work through past wounds and find the truth locking you both together. It’s as if you are both able to draw off of one another’s energies on a level most other people cannot.

8. You learn more about your past lives through being connected with your twin.

The more time you spend with your twin the more you will feel as though you’ve known him or her for your entire life. That is because you have both faced so much together before this life. You will begin to wonder and work to reconnect with what brought you together in the first place.

9. Through connecting with your twin you grow as a person.

As twin flames when you two spend time together you both grow. While sometimes this can be growing apart, it is still growth. Your twin will help you along your path in this world whether you’re alright with how things play out or not.

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