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There is something magical to be said about the connection between two people that is strong enough that it can’t be shattered. Even when separated by distance and busy schedules, this person continues to hold an important place in your mind.

It could be that they are someone you have developed strong romantic feelings for or an incredibly close friend that holds an important place in your heart. Regardless of who it is, you can’t help but allow your mind to drift to thinking about them from time to time.

Do you ever wonder if someone is thinking about you in the same way? When you’re not in the room, are you on anyone else’s mind? The connection and emotional energy between two closely linked individuals can create an incredible bond, one that reveals itself to you if you know what you are looking for. Each day, the smallest of signs may actually reveal to you that you’re currently on someone’s mind. How many of these signs do you see on a regular basis?

11 Signs That Someone is Currently Thinking About You:

#1 – Physical Contact

This is a sign that is more often associated with the presence of a spiritual being, but if you may actually be feeling the contact of another person who is thinking about you in that moment as a physical sensation. This may manifest as the feeling of a hand on your shoulder, someone brushing your cheek or touching your hand among other experiences.

#2 – Burning Ears or Cheeks

If you notice that your cheeks or ears are getting red with no explanation, or they feel warmer to the touch, then it’s a sign that someone’s got you on their mind. What are they thinking? Burning ears are indicative of someone who has a crush on you or other strong positive feelings, whereas burning cheeks are said to indicate someone’s feelings of aggression towards you.

#3 – Hiccups

It is said that if you suddenly start to experience hiccups out of the blue, not only is someone thinking about you, but they are doing so in a negative or toxic way. This is most often associated with complaining about you behind your back.

#4 – Discomfort While Eating

If someone is thinking of you in a negative way, for example, criticizing you or complaining about you, then this can cause physical tension in your body. The tension is often subtle, however, if you are eating you may notice it manifest in your throat. You may feel your throat tighten, have difficulty swallowing or find yourself coughing or choking on your food.

#5 – Unexpected Emotions

If you suddenly feel a wave of sadness, comfort or any other heightened emotions sweep over you with no obvious trigger, then you may be experiencing the feelings of someone special to you. If someone you hold dear is thinking about you, you may feel a warmth or comfort, feeling their love spread over you. If, however, they are saddened due to missing you, it may manifest as feeling down or upset.

#6 – Dreams

While the rest of the signs on here occur when you are awake, your dreams may also provide you with a clue that someone has been thinking about you. If you experience incredibly realistic dreams recalling a time with someone else, it could be that in thinking about you they have stirred up a memory. You may not have seen this person for years or thought about this moment for even longer, but you will recall it like it was yesterday.

#7 – Goosebumps

Are you experiencing goosebumps despite the fact you aren’t feeling cold or chilled? These little bumps on your skin may reveal more than the temperature. If someone who possesses great psychic or spiritual powers is thinking about you then you may actually be experiencing their energy manifesting in this way.

#8 – Itchy Eye

If you are noticing that you are experiencing an itchy eye you should start by speaking with a doctor to eliminate any potential physical causes. If, however, there is no explanation for what you are experiencing this may be a sign that you’re on someone’s mind.

#9 – Itching

Itching in the area of your eye isn’t the only time that itching may reveal someone is thinking about you. If you suddenly find yourself with an area of itchy skin, such as your arm or leg, or an overall itchy sensation then someone may be thinking about you. There are a number of theories pertaining to different areas of the body, like itchy palms, feet or an itchy nose.

#10 – Telepathy

This isn’t something you are going to experience with just anyone, however, if you have an incredibly deep connection with someone, you may find that connection provides the opportunity for telepathic connection. This is by far the rarest of the signs and requires not only the communication from the other person but also an openness to receive the message on your part.

#11 – Sneezing

Recognized in a number of different countries and cultures, if you suddenly find yourself sneezing without explanation (if you just moved a dusty book off the shelf that doesn’t count) then someone is thinking about you. In some countries, if you ask the people around you immediately after to give you the first 3-digit number that comes to mind it can even give you a clue as to who is behind the sneezing. Simply add the numbers together and associate the number with the 26 letters of the alphabet. For example, if they say 719, 7+1+8=16, 16=P. The name of the person thinking about you starts with the letter P, like Peter or Patricia.

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