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Everything in this world happens for a reason and that is something you should do your best to never forget. No matter what we are experiencing, there is always a reason behind it and the universe does have a plan for us.

No one is sent into our lives by accident if we are given a good relationship it is because we are ready for one. Many people are sent into our lives to teach us lessons we would not have been able to figure out on our own. If you are feeling lost, chances are the universe is going to send someone into your life when you are ready for them that will completely shake things up.

People who come into your life for a reason whether friends or relationships, will serve as connections that help you to grow and become the best you that you can be. Whether you are aware of it or not, in the long run, these people will lead you down the right path. In some cases, we are even given toxic people so that we can help them grow, and we too can find bits of ourselves we did not know existed.

Personally, the people that come into our lives and are meant to serve as our partners are my favorite. These people are always there to ground you when you need it and will never abandon you. For me, my mother is a forever person. I know not everyone’s mother is a forever person but, mine is always there for me in all aspects of the word.

Everyone we meet affects our lives. Even bad experiences can be lessons we need to learn. We should, without a doubt, appreciate every single moment we are given in this life and everyone we are brought to. While some of our experiences may seem completely horrible and unnecessary in reflection, you will find the strength you would have never gained had you not gone through what you did.

We all serve a purpose in this world. Respect yourself and others. Know your true self and really take in all this universe has to offer. Take on each day ready to learn the lessons ahead and remember that no matter how old we get, there will always be lessons to learn. Your path in life is paved with meaning. Enjoy your journey and do not fear the unknown.

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